The Ultimate Checklist: What to Look for in a Kennel

Published July 13th, 2023 by Evergreen Kennels

Finding the perfect kennel for your furry companion isn't just about convenience; it's about ensuring your pet is safe, comfortable, and happy while you're away. With countless options available, how do you know which kennel is right for your beloved pet? Here's a comprehensive checklist to guide you in your search:

1. Cleanliness & Hygiene

When touring potential kennels, pay close attention to cleanliness. Kennels should be free of odor, feces, and urine. Look for clean bedding, water dishes, and play areas. The standard of cleanliness reflects the overall care your pet will receive.

2. Safety Protocols

A good kennel will prioritize safety. Look for secure fencing, well-maintained cages or rooms, and clear emergency protocols. If possible, inquire about their procedures in case of medical emergencies or natural disasters.

3. Vaccination Requirements

Quality kennels will require all pets to be up-to-date on their vaccinations. This is crucial for preventing the spread of diseases and ensuring a safe environment for all animals.

4. Staff Expertise

The best kennels employ passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable staff. It's essential to have a team that can recognize signs of distress, illness, or injury and respond appropriately.

5. Space & Comfort

Your pet should have ample space to move around, both in their designated area and communal play zones. Comfortable bedding and a quiet place to retreat are also vital for your pet's wellbeing.

6. Recreation & Socialization

Dogs, especially, benefit from regular playtime and interaction. Check if the kennel offers group play sessions or individual playtime and how frequently these occur.

7. Special Needs Accommodation

If your pet has a unique diet, requires medication, or has other special needs, ensure the kennel can cater to these requirements.

8. Feedback & Reputation

Online reviews, word of mouth, and references can give insight into other pet owners' experiences with the kennel. Consistently positive feedback is a good indicator of quality care.

9. Kennel Location & Accessibility

While not the most critical factor, a kennel's proximity to your home or your route can be convenient, especially for quick drop-offs or pick-ups.

10. Transparent Policies

Before committing, ensure you understand all the kennel's policies, including drop-off and pick-up times, additional fees, and their approach to handling potential issues or emergencies.

11. Personalized Touch

The best kennels will go above and beyond, offering personalized services like grooming, training, or even occasional photo updates for pet owners. Such services can enhance your pet's stay and give you peace of mind.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right kennel for your pet is akin to selecting the perfect school for a child. It requires thorough research, personal visits, and trust in the caregivers. By using this checklist as a guide, you can find a kennel where your pet won't just be looked after – they'll be cherished. Remember, a happy pet at pickup is the ultimate sign you made the right choice!

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