elvisWhat shots are required for my pets stay?

Dogs will need to provide proof of rabies, distemper and kennel cough vaccine.  Cats will need to provide proof of rabies and distemper.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, please have food in a plastic container that is labeled with your pets name.  We also have a refrigerator  for  items that need to be cold.

How often do you feed at the kennel?

We feed once, twice or three times a day.  We try to stay with the schedule your pet is used to.

Can I bring my own toys and bedding?

Yes.  All bedding must be machine washable.  Sometimes your pet may chew on his/her bedding .  Make  sure it isn’t something  you would mind being chewed on.  Any belongings from home are NOT the responsibility of the kennel.  We do our best to return all toys and bedding.  Please leave favorite toys at home.

samiCan my dog play with other peoples  dogs during playtime?

No.  We have a very personalized playtime program in which a kennel attendant is with your dog during playtime to eliminate the risk of injury to your dog and our staff by dogs that might not get along.

Do you administer medications?

Yes.  We only administer medications for non-contagious conditions.  All medications should be in a well labeled container with pet’s name, what the medication is and how it is to be administered.  We do NOT administer insulin shots.